October 11, 2020

Fragrant Jewels bath bomb review

I have been buying products from the Fragrant Jewels collection for several years now and figured it was time I wrote a review with my opinion of the bath bombs, wax tarts and candles. I actually have mixed reviews here, because some of my experiences were amazing and others kind of sucked!

Fragrant Jewels rings that were in bath bombs and candles.

It starts back in 2016 when I ordered a bath bomb & candle set from their Wicked collection along with the Warm & Cozy wax tart set. I've placed a few orders over the years and have tried their candles, bath bombs, mini bath bomb sets and wax melts. I will start by saying the scents are strong and have all been very nice and the rings are usually quite lovely.

Inside every bath bomb, candle, scrub or melt set comes a costume jewelry ring. You get a code with your ring and you enter it online to find out the value of your ring. All of my rings have been valued in the $10-$25 range. Supposedly you can get rings up to $10,000 value...though I've never personally seen anyone get them.

But it's not like I know the whole world.

Fragrant Jewels Review

The first problem I had was when I was sent a product different from what I had ordered. It was the first year they had put out the Wicked set and they had advertised a black glass holder with a black candle. I received a clear glass holder with a black candle. 

Fragrant jewels wicked collection

Pretty disappointing and when I messaged them I was basically told "We ran out and made substitutions". I understand, but I should have been given an option to cancel or continue my order at that point and I wasn't!

Other than that though, I loved those products! I adore the smell of the Wicked products and have bought them a few more times. I also was really impressed by how long the scent of the wax melts lasts. I would compare the melts to Scentsy and the candles to B&BW candles! Very good quality wax.

Now however, they use a coconut wax that burns away much quicker. The scent is still strong, though the candles don't last nearly as long. I will say it is messy to get the ring out of the candle. They glue a foil packet against the side of the candle which is revealed as the candle burns down. It's messy, but I'm not sure how else they would do it, so it's a necessary evil. 

Pro tip: use tweezers. Luckily the bath bombs have a little plastic ball with the ring inside them that just snaps open.

Since then I have ordered 2 other times totaling about a dozen bath bombs. I honestly love the rings and they are some of my favorite rings to wear! Even though they are costume jewelry they do not discolor or turn your fingers green. They are pretty nice quality.

Fragrant Jewels duplicate ring problem

I order my first set of 2 Wicked products in 2016 and my next ones in 2019. Unfortunately I got the same exact ring, 3 years later! This is a very popular (sells out every year) Halloween scent and lots of people buy it every year, so why are the rings not changed at least occasionally?

I happen to love this scent and will continue to buy it for the scent alone, but how many of the same ring do I need? I understand that when you buy multiple bath bombs from the same collection there is a chance you can get the same rings. I just didn't expect the same ring when the collection was launched for the fourth time! 

I have also noticed that almost every single collection has some gorgeous rings and some that look much cheaper. I got a few of these cheaper ones over the years and gave them to the thrift store, but I did still enjoy the bath bombs!

Some fragrant jewels products are labeled weird

I bought a set of mini bath bombs for my niece in the last order I placed. It was supposed to be a gift for her. She would have loved it as the ring was exactly the style she liked. Unfortunately, I couldn't give it to her. The packaging said something like Welcome to the club, we apologize for the delay in shipping so enjoy these mini bath bombs as a thank you for your patience

It sounded like a free gift I received that I was then going to give her for a holiday! Did they really sell me a free gift for $7.99? Seems like it, doesn't it?

I decided to remove the card from the package and put the mini bath bombs in a little box. They fell apart coming out of the packaging. Not sure how she would have even used these! 

The Inner Circle doesn't make sense

I was super excited about these products and posted on my IG about them a few times. I got my best friend hooked on them and she joined the Inner Circle which is a subscription where you get "the most popular products sent to you monthly". Sounds great, right? 

Except...the most popular ones were almost never sent! Like the super popular Hello Kitty sets. She joined so she would get the newest sets and not only did they not send the best products, sometimes they didn't even offer discounts on the popular stuff! Especially on the more expensive sets.

The Fragrant Jewels excessive emails

Fragrant Jewels probably has the most aggressive emails I have ever seen! They will email you at least once a day, every day. There's always a new "You won!" or "spend your credit before it expires!" email. They do offer good sales, discounts and free rings...but you will need to wade through the sea of emails to find them.

The best sale I found is when they have the 4 for $44 (or 6 for $66 etc.) their sale section sometimes has great prices, other times it's only a dollar off. I do unsubscribe from their emails all the time though, so I have to actually check the website for sales. 

In closing on this mixed review:

I will definitely order from FJ again. I do love their bath bombs. They are large, add vibrant color to the bath water, make your skin feel silky, smell amazing and don't leave too much of a film in the tub. BUT be aware they will send a crap ton of emails, might make substitutions and you're probably better off ordering what you want when you want it, instead of joining the IC club.

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