Make money blogging. Finally!

I know why you're here. You saw an image or did a search on How To Make Money Blogging. If you're anything like me you have a blog and you love to write, you just can't seem to make that leap from small occasional payments to full time 'this pays my bills' blogger. 

It's so frustrating, but you can break through and start making more money blogging....even if you barely get any pageviews right now. Even if you're in a tiny niche like...raising livestock! (Lol...that's me!) Let me tell you how it happened...

At the end of 2016 I found myself in an odd position. I had left my job when it became too dangerous to continue. The money was amazing, but I felt like I was always tired, guzzling coffee and driving! My long hours and crazy schedule had gotten me to the point that I couldn't make it home each night  after work without pulling over for a nap. By night...I mean 5am. 

One of my last night's driving home really scared me. 

Of course I was tired driving home that night, I was always tired but I thought I could make it. I remember driving past the business that meant I was 20 minutes from home. The road was empty in front of me. Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and a huge dump truck was buzzing past me inches from my pickup truck. 

I couldn't have had my eyes closed for very long...after all I was still in my lane, though barely. I pulled off the road and just sat there for a few minutes. All I could think was "I'm gonna die on this road!" I only worked a few more days after that, it just wasn't worth the risk.

Make money blogging even with a small blog

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Skip forward a few weeks. I had decided that since I loved blogging so much I was going to take advantage of the money I had saved from that job and commit to turning my blog from a hobby into an income. No more hour and a half drive to the city to work. No more 5am drives home. 

I was so excited to get everything going in the right direction! I already had Adsense and Amazon affiliates....I just needed more traffic. I gave myself 6 months to start making a real income, or it was back to work for me.

So I started writing and promoting and doing everything we think we should. I had been blogging for 6 years at this point and had 2 blogs with lots of content so I was sure the money was going to start rolling in. I was making around $100 - $150 a month between my 2 blogs. 

I read all the big bloggers how to's and did what 'they' did...but as the time passed, my income barely budged. I started to become convinced that the only people who were actually making money blogging, were people writing about making money blogging. 

No matter how hard I worked at it, my income barely inched up while I read so many income reports from other bloggers who's income was jumping by the thousands every month! Sure they were making lots of money but everyone was writing about blogging and I just ... don't. I write about chickens and gardens, but they couldn't tell me how to make money writing about chickens or gardens. 

They told me to make a course, but chicken people don't buy $400 courses! I was ready to just give up, completely convinced that the only profitable blogging niche was blogging and clearly I wasn't getting that right!

Then at the end of January, Victoria from A Modern Homestead (who I knew from one of my homestead blogging groups) released a book titled "Make money blogging at any level".  I was familiar with Victoria's blog and knew that it had been growing and she seemed to be doing well. 

The best part though, is that this was Victoria's first book about blogging. She had turned her blog into a money maker without talking about blogging! This is what I'd been looking for and I couldn't wait to get that book! 

The book was only $20, and when I sat down to read it my hopes soared through the roof. I realized that I really CAN do this and this was my 'how to'. Heck, any niche could do this, I was just going about it all wrong! From my ad network to my social media promotion I needed to make some changes! I followed all the directions in this book. Within 2 months my income had doubled. In June I broke $1000 on one of my blogs!

My page views had gone from 21 thousand to 95 thousand in just 5 months. That's kinda crazy, right?

Graph showing over 300% pageview increase

I was finally getting somewhere! I could finally see how this can be my career. The best part is, the more progress I make the harder I want to work. Now I am writing an ebook (about chickens!) because I've figured out what people like about my niche, what they need more of and I'm planning on giving them that!

Sure my income peaks and dips, that's normal. It's so, so much higher than it was before though. I got so much benefit from this $20 book that I just had to become an affiliate, because I believe a lot of small blog bloggers can learn from it. 

As soon as I put Victoria's advice into practice I started getting more traffic and making more money. This book pays for itself within a week and my blogs are so much better because of it. 

I love this book, and I can't believe how much it's done for my blogs. If it wasn't for this book I'd be back to racking up miles on my truck and guzzling coffee instead of working in my sweatpants with a cup of tea! It's been a complete and total game changer for me. Here's my affiliate link again in case you missed it... The book is called Make Money Blogging At Any Level. I really think this book can help any small blogger start to turn a profit!

Happy blogging!


PS: Let me tell you the one final thing that really sold Victorias book for me. I'm not on Wordpress. I was very frustrated by 'how to' posts that tell me get this plugin and I'll start making money. I understand that those things help if you're on WP, but if you're on blogger or squarespace or any other platform then it doesn't help at all. Or maybe you just don't want to pay for yet another plugin! So where do that leave us? Frustrated, that's where! Until this book....this book works for everyone, no matter what platform you're on!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small payment from Amazon. It will not affect your purchase price. Click for full disclosure.)                 

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