March 5, 2020

Simply Earth Box review

Today I am writing a voluntary review of the Simply Earth subscription box. I started getting the subscription box the last month and I'm super excited about it so I wanted to share with you exactly what you get every month in this essential oil subscription box and my opinions on the box. 

Simply Earth subscription box review.

I saw this box advertised on Facebook and liked the idea that every month you get not only your 4 therapeutic grade, full size, pure essential oils but also accessories to use them and recipe cards. You can create 6 natural home, body and wellness products from each kit and still have most of your essential oils left over! 

What convinced me to get this box, honestly, was a coupon code. And I do have one for you too, so if you're already ready to order scroll down to the bottom and the code is down there. 

Of course I had been looking at it for a while before I placed my order. Since before Christmas actually. 

I write another blog about natural living and it does have a lot of essential oil information over there and I'm very familiar with essential oils and their uses. So I'm not a complete beginner.

I'm also familiar with the fact that normally $40 doesn't usually buy you four essential oils! Of course some are more expensive than others, but basically four bottles and all the accessories plus the recipes....well that seemed like a pretty good deal. Add $10 off a month for the first five boxes and I was hooked.

My first box was the March box. It came with Patchouli essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Orange essential oil and Energy blend. All oils are 15ml glass bottles. Included in the box was a 10-pack of lava rock beads, five diffuser reeds and an aromatherapy inhaler. They also included a little sheet of labels that you can cut out to put on your finished products. 

Simply Earth March box contents,

Trust me when I say you want to label your products! I have 2 roller bottles and 3 salves that I'm not sure what's in them because I didn't label them! I know I needed them at the time...anyway, back to the box.

There were six recipe cards. On the backs of the cards are sneak peeks of next month's box, FAQs answered, a bonus recipe and notes on the back of them. 

One of the cards had information on a program they donate to. Simply earth donates 13% to organizations working to end human trafficking. So not only are you making your home toxin free and taking care of your health in a more natural way, but you're also helping to rescue people out of modern day slavery. Which I think is absolutely a phenomenal thing for them to donate to.

With your first shipment you will get a bonus box. This box contains a lot of things you can use to make other products. There are two liquid carrier oils, each one is four ounces. One is almond oil and the other is fractionated coconut oil. There's also a solid coconut oil tub and this is 12 ounces. A 2 oz pack of beeswax pellets is included. The box also contains six empty 5ml amber glass bottles and six roll-on applicators, also amber glass. 

Simply Earth big bonus box contents.

I was really impressed with the quality of the essential oils. I think it's one of the best lines I've ever tried. They also have their own store online where you can buy individual oils if you don't want to order the entire subscription. You can also order individual oils to ship with your subscription box and then they ship for free.

One of my favorite things about this subscription is that you can gift the month to somebody else if you decide you don't want it after seeing the preview for next month. Or you can skip the month if you would like to. If you like the next month's box but not one or two of the oils, you can also swap out the oils you don't want with other oils. 

There are some rules about swapping oils. But it's a very easy to figure out system and you just pay the difference if you pick a higher priced item.

I just love that idea because I get a lot of subscription boxes and have never been able to say "Yeah, I don't want that product, substitute it for something else instead" That's just amazing to me.

Ok, so The monthly cost of the box is $39. Now remember you get:  4 full size essential oils 6 recipe cards Accessories needed to make 6 different products You can skip a box gift box or swap out an oil you don't want for a different oil.

To order your box you're going to go to and then you're going to click Get The Box. Once you get to the checkout the coupon code you're going to use is LISAM5027 and that is going to get you a $50 voucher which is good for $10 off every month for your first five months.

Now the fun thing of this is.... I just gave you my coupon code, but you're going to get your own coupon code after you sign up. You can share that code with anyone. What happens is, when your friends, family or even Instagram followers sign up and use your coupon code you're gonna get 50% off your next box. Kinda nice little kick back for spreading the word about Simply Earth.

So if you're really into essential oils or just want to get started, if you want to expand your use of EOs for home, health and wellness then this box is going to provide you with everything you need. Plus you can actually earn each box free by telling other people about it.

So I'd really appreciate it if you used my coupon code LISAM5027 if you sign up for this subscription box. I definitely think it's worth the money. I also think it's a lot of fun to make new products with essential oils and many of these I wouldn't have thought of on my own. 

Seriously, I've been using essential oils for many many years and have never bought lava beads or diffuser reeds. So there's that. I'm already making new stuff with my first box!

So that's my honest review. I paid for this item, it was not gifted to me by the company and this is my honest opinion...and ya'll know I tell you when a product is not worth the money. I hope you like this sub  box as much as I do!

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