About me!

Hi there! I'm Lisann and this is my blog that is basically all about my life and getting older. My life is bizarre~crazy~weird~wonderful! One minute I'm shoveling chicken crap and a few hours later I'm applying fake eyelashes because I got called in to work....as a cashier in a nightclub. Or maybe I'm heading out to trap a feral cat to get it fixed, or I could be organizing the spirit fests we do every 2 months, or even on a movie set since I do extra work for 3 different agents. 

I'm always on the move, but it is so much fun!

My ex-husband lives north of Detroit, I live sorta by Pittsburgh but we never did break up even though we got divorced. It's complicated. I live on the farm with 1 adult child, a giant dog, 2 cats and 60 farm animals, then go up to the lake house to see the ex on the weekends. See? C-r-a-z-y! 

This blog is really crazily put together too, since it started as a photography blog but I basically lost interest in the blogging side of photography. Instead of just making a new blog, I changed it over to all reviews since I was doing a LOT of them. When Amazon changed their policy to not allow reviews in exchange for the item in 2016, I quit doing so many reviews. 

I really slowed down writing on here since I didn't have to after that. I didn't have reviews that needed done so I pretty much only reviewed things through a few different companies or if it was something I personally had bought but truly loved or really hated. 

Honest reviews that I've left online.

I gotta admit, I kinda like to blast companies that deserve it! lol I also like to praise them if they deserve that and now have a weird obsession with leaving google reviews on places I've visited. 

I blame that on my phone...she tells me to do it!

I've always had a lot I wanted to say on here, but I'm sorta snarky, kinda foul mouthed and my life is crazy and I didn't know if any of that would be worth reading. Plus I have 2 niche blogs where I'm well behaved and trying to just talk about my life experiences, wasn't going to work in that style! The older I get though the more I just love talking about everything going on that isn't politics and drama!

The blog name is just something random that popped into my head when I was trying to register a domain name. That story is here...and it's a good reminder to research your blog name before you start to use it. 

Speaking of blog names and tattoos, I have 6 and my ankle tattoo says Mi Vida Loca. It's about 20 years old and it was kind of a whim because of a Pam Tillis song. I had no idea how my life would come to resemble that tattoo! 

My arm says Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. I look for the magic in everyday life and just love to share that with you!

Anyway, that explains this craziness! So buckle up and enjoy the ride, and welcome to my crazy blog!


Author photo, snow and Louboutin boots.

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