March 27, 2017

Why you should research your blog name thoroughly

I had to change my blog name. I didn't realize the importance of researching my blog name thoroughly before starting to use it and for that I am paying the price. Renaming a blog is more then just buying a domain. I have tons of pictures that now need remade because they have the old name on it. I have endless pins that even though they will be redirected, will now be confusing to the reader. I have tons of rebranding work to redo and it's all because I didn't research my blog name first! Ugh!

why research blog name

Let me tell you the story. I've been blogging for a total of 9 years now. I have 2 pretty busy blogs but ended up starting this one for my reviews and musings that didn't fit in on my other blogs. I've switched names and topics on here but eventually settled on the name Just Lisann because it was just my thoughts. As a bit of background my real name is Lisa Ann, but my brother nicknamed me Lisann when I was younger. He heard it on a daytime soap opera...Days Of Our Lives maybe? Anyway, I've been called Lisann for over 30 years. I've used Just Lisann as my blog name since 2012 but it was under the .blogspot domain.

I decided to start getting more serious over here because I want to try some new things with my blogging. I was going to purchase the domain name Luckily it was available and only $1! Luckily I didn't buy it. 

I started thinking about the name and realized that Lisann had been my email address name for years and no one ever gets it right the first time. I am always respelling it and saying "only 1 A". It might be better to go with Just Lisa Ann with 2 A's. So I look it up on GoDaddy and sadly it's taken. 

I still don't know why I put it in the browser URL bar and looked to see what kind of site was there, but I'm sorta glad I did....and horrified at the same time.

It's a porn site. This wouldn't matter if it had just been a name I thought I might like to use, but this was a frequent misspelling of my name! *sigh* A simple keystroke could lead someone there and they may never bother to look for my site again after seeing that! 

It was back to the drawing board on figuring out a name for this blog and redoing everything because if somebody accidentally mistypes my blog name and ends up over there instead.....well, I can't have that happening.

So, as of now that is my main reason why you should always, always, ALWAYS research your blog name before you start using it!


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  1. Oh no! That would not be good.

  2. I named my blog thirstydaddy thinking I would be writing snarky posts of the "this is why I drink" variety. Turns out that once I sat down to write, the posts aren't really like that. Also turns out that to kids today, the term "thirsty" means horny. oops #happynow

  3. hah! That would definitely be problematic! Thanks for sharing with Awesome Life Friday!

  4. I wonder how many bloggers actually research their blog name? I know I didn't. Thanks for sharing with us at Over the Moon Link Party. I've pinned and shared.

    1. I don't know, but I have seen a few I wonder about!