April 29, 2016

Maxam Motar & Pestle review

Marble mortar and pestle review

This month I got to try a marble mortar and Pestle from Maxam and was super excited to try it! I grow and use herbs for many things from teas to body lotions and had been using a wooden set which was sadly inadequate. This was really frustrating so I jumped at the chance to review this item!

I am extremely happy with this marble mortar and pestle! It's definitely real marble and well made. The inside is slightly rough but the outside is polished and smooth. The rough inside helps to grind things better and the pestle is polished which makes a smooth surface grinding your herbs against a rough surface = more even grinding! This works much better then the wooden set I had previously been using as it had 2 smooth surfaces which means it would take longer to grind. 

Using this set, it doesn't take very long to grind the herb from a full leaf to just about a powder. I had often just hand crushed herbs because it was quicker then my old set. Hand crushing makes a mess and causes a lot of waste as some of the herbs stick to my hands and then I end up washing it off. 

With this mortar and pestle, grinding herbs is a fast and easy process and there is no waste since it all falls out of the bowl cleanly when I dump it out. It washes out easily and dries quickly leaving no residue to mix with your next herb.

You can order this product on Amazon.

I would definitely recommend this product for anybody working with dried or even fresh herbs.


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I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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