Pure Salmon oil for dogs and cats: Review

I was really happy to get the chance to review Pure Salmon Oil for dogs and cats. Lulu is a big dog (half boxer) and has had some joint problems in the last year or so. I've tried a lot of supplements and most worked for awhile, but it seems she gets used to them and they stop working. She was starting to get stiff in the mornings and after long naps again when I got this salmon oil to try.

salmon oil for dogs and cats

I have to admit that it took my dog a little while to warm up to this product. At first when I put it on her food, she'd take a bite then look at me like "what is that taste???" After a few days though, she grew to love it and now I can only put it on her food at mealtimes because she will eat the whole bowl! I leave food out free choice and with this salmon oil on it, I have to take the bowl away from her or she'd just keep eating! lol Within a few days she was back to her crazy bouncy self! Her coat seems shinier too.

You can order it here on Amazon.

I like that it came sealed in shrink wrap plastic and with a inverted cap underneath the bottle cap. This product is sealed really well! It came with a dispenser cap and a pump which I chose to use. It's really easy to use! I would definitely recommend this product for stiff joints and dull coat. She's only been using it a few weeks, but I can't wait to see in what other ways it benefits her!


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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