September 17, 2015

Ozeri Kitchen Scale: Review

As you all know, I am pretty serious about my fitness and health in general. I wanted to start weighing my portions because I think I often over or underestimate what I'm eating. I've been looking into kitchen scales for awhile and was thrilled to be offered this one to review from Ozeri.

I love the look of this scale. It's sleek and thin plus stainless steel which matches the rest of my kitchen. Bonus! It looks nice, not cheap like the ones I was looking at in BB&B. It definitely wins in the looks category! I am also happy that it weighs in grams and ounces. I'm using it to weigh food right now (ounces) but often use recipes from outside the states and they are metric so I need the grams setting occasionally. It's very easy to switch between settings. The tare function is easy to use also...which is super important when weighing wet items or small snacks. Just turn the scale on, put the bowl or plate on the scale and click 'tare' then wait for it to go back to 0 before adding your item.

I tested it a bit against known weights and portion sizes and find it to be very accurate. I trust it to give me a correct reading. I also love the fact that it cleans off easily and is very lightweight. It comes with a Calorie Guide booklet which also has U.S. postal letter information. Very informative!

If you want to buy this Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale from Ozeri you can find it on Amazon.

I would definitely recommend this scale as I found it very useful, accurate and easy to use. 


I received this item in exchange for my honest review. These opinions, experiences and photos are all my own.

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