October 24, 2015

Xchef Herb scissors: Review

Xchef Herb Scissors

I'm an avid gardener, in fact I have a gardening blog! I grow so many different things seasonally but the one thing I grow and use year round are herbs. 

I had seen a pair of herb scissors a year or so ago and really wanted them, but never could find them in stores. Well, when an opportunity to review them came my way, I jumped at the chance! These scissors came with a plastic guard to keep them protected when not in use. There are 5 stainless steel blades on each side and they work like a dream!

This is definitely the easiest way to chop herbs ever! There is nothing simpler than holding the herb in one hand and cutting with the scissors with the other hand. No cutting board or knife needed....just super easy and easy clean up! I just rinse the scissors under hot water then swish is a little soapy water and rinse again. Air dry. When dry put the guard back on to protect them and you're set. 

I use fresh basil in darn near everything and this makes it so easy to chop. I can't believe I messed with the whole cutting board knife thing before! These are especially helpful when chopping chives or green onion and other herbs that mash when you hold them flat to cut with a knife. These herb scissors cut several uniform sized pieces with each snip. I really love these and would highly recommend them. Also, I want to add that this is the best price I've seen for this type of item anywhere! You can order them on Amazon.

If you like to cook with fresh herbs then you need a pair of these herb scissors to make chopping easier!


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and photos are all mine.

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