September 9, 2015

Adult Minnie Mouse costume: review

My daughter loves all things Disney, and she's full grown! When I was offered the chance to try an Adult Minnie Mouse costume, I jumped on the chance...I just knew she'd love it. The costume arrived quickly and it is just too darn cute! It's cute and grown up without being overly sexy like so many costumes are lately. She can't wait to wear it for Halloween this year.

Cute Adult Minnie mouse Costume

The one piece dress is made of a satiny fabric and it comes with ears and a matching thong. There is a crinoline skirt underneath to give the skirt some 'poof'. While this does make the skirt look cute and give it shape, it's a little scratchy on the legs. Wearing tights or shorts keep it from being an issue though. 

This outfit is grownup without being slutty. It's comfortable. It fit both my daughter and I....she's a small and I'm a medium. There are no zippers or buttons, just a simple pull on dress. Stitching is secure and the fabrics are a nice quality. 

Adult minnie mouse costume review

I would definitely recommend buying this costume for your next Halloween party! You can order this costume here on Amazon:
Unfortunately that costume is no longer available...BUT, I will update this post with links as soon as I find it somewhere else! My apologies!

Caity and I both agree that this dress is absolutely perfect for Halloween (and she'll probably try to wear it to Disney when we go next year!) Yes, she's a little obsessed!


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I received this item in exchange for my honest review. These opinions, experiences and photos are all my own. (this post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small amount from Amazon to thank me for sending you their way and help support this blog. It will not affect your purchase price)


  1. Your daughter is beautiful and makes the perfect Minnie! What a nice costume, it is still flirty and fun without being too revealing like a lot of the young women go for these days.

    1. Awww, thanks! I many costumes are super revealing lately! We were both glad to find one that's cute and covers her at the same time!


  2. The costume looks nice on your daughter. I like the mini ears. It really is a great dress for a Halloween party!

  3. Cute! I agree with you that it's cute without being sexy like almost every adult costume. Thanks for your review!

  4. I love this costume! I could see myself wearing it. You're right about women's costumes being too sexy, that's why I never dress up. Glad to see there are good options out there. #ProductReviewParty