Welcome to my new home on the web. This is where I get to talk your ear off! No, seriously...this is where I get to tell you all about my favorite things and pet peeves. Pretty much anything I can't talk about on my other blogs!

I get lots of great (and some not so great! lol) items to review plus I just like to review things, so I'll be covering many items I bought and whether I like them or not. I'm completely honest in my reviews and I hope you appreciate that! I know I hate when I buy something after reading a bunch of great reviews and realize that a lot these 'free item for review' people will give a great review to anything. Seriously....that's a major pet peeve of mine! I don't care if my reviews aren't sweet and nice, I write honest ones and have had no shortage of companies wanting to work with me so I think it's working!

I also like to write about blogging. I occasionally rant and get a little random here and there but it's nothing too bad. I can be strongly opinionated and don't mind saying what I think! Take all that into consideration and you'll see this is going to be a wild ride! LOL 

I'm so glad that you're joining me!



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