January 24, 2012


Welcome to my new home on the web. This is where I get to talk your ear off! No, seriously...this is where I get to tell you all about my favorite things and pet peeves. Pretty much anything I can't talk about on my other blogs!

I get lots of great (and some not so great! lol) items sent to me to review, plus I just like to review things, so I'll be covering both items I bought and things that companies send me. I'm completely honest in my reviews and I hope you appreciate that! I know I hate when I buy something after reading a bunch of great reviews and realize that a lot these 'free item for review' people will give a great review to anything. I don't' do that!

Seriously....that's a major pet peeve of mine! 

A picture of my review profile.

I don't care if my reviews aren't sweet and nice, I write honest ones and have had no shortage of companies wanting to work with me, so I think it's working! I also will write an occasional rant about some product I bought that was utter crap, like this horrible flat iron from the mall kiosk or something that I think is just the bees knees! 

And then sometimes I get distracted wondering why bees knees because the comparison for things that are utterly amazing? I mean, it's not like bees had straight legs and suddenly someone added them and it was like "Major Improvement!" lol but I digress...

I also like to write about blogging. Not how to articles, mostly along the lines of 'my big blog name mistake' and 'for the love of all that is holey do not do this!' (yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose...I think I'm funny!) 

I occasionally rant and get a little random here and there but it's nothing too bad. Oh, and I don't always use the language that's approved for polite company. My bad! I can be strongly opinionated and don't mind saying what I think! Take all that into consideration and you'll see this is going to be a wild ride! LOL
I'm so glad that you're joining me!


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