July 23, 2016

Sutra hair straightener. Flat iron review

I purchased this Sutra hair straightener at the Great Lakes Crossing mall after being interrupted while shopping. I was slightly confused because the demonstration lady kept telling me it would not damage my hair because it works with steam. I asked her where you put the water in and she said "no water, steam...it doesn't need water" 

I was a little baffled but she curled and straightened parts of my hair with it and showed me how to use it. I didn't want to buy it but she went on and on about the lifetime warranty and that I can bring it back if there is ever a problem. With those terms, I agree and bought it.

Sutra hair review

She told me my hair would stay curled for 2 days. It had fallen out by morning, so I tried to straighten it myself. I used the same setting she did and it fried my hair! I washed my hair and let it air dry then tried straightening it again and still pieces were breaking off. I decided to take it back and she told me there were NO REFUNDS but I could get another straightener or other products. Basically, you can take it back...but you can't have your money back! 

Package warnings

But wait it gets better....below is a picture of the safety instructions. This includes the line: Do not use with bare feet. I found this extremely confusing until I mentioned it at work and the electrical guy said it had to do with grounding. I take that to mean they don't have any confidence in the safety of the electric cords in the device! I also find it very telling that they used light grey type on a white background. It's almost like they wanted it to be hard to read. Hmmm?

Impossible return policy

The lady also told me that only the products sold at the mall or through their website are authentic and items on Amazon are not under warranty. While I did buy my product from the mall kiosk, it had the sticker on it that you see in the second picture below. She assured me my receipt proves I bought it from them. If however, you cannot return it to the kiosk (because they often close or move in the malls) there is a $20-$40 shipping charge to return the item......even though it's not your fault if it quit working! 

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Stra company review

Out of curiosity I looked on Amazon and Sutra does have a store on there selling their products under their own name. As you can see in the picture, Sutra and Sutra Beauty are listed as the sellers. Photos in some of the listings show the same sticker that's on my flatiron box.

I don't even know how to decipher this! Sutra is selling their own product and telling you it's fake so they don't have to give refunds or returns. I guess that's how they get around Amazon giving automatic refunds. Sneaky, sneaky.

It is a pretty peacock printed flat iron that does not work as expected and damaged my hair the few times I used it. I would definitely not recommend this product and would buy a CHI or even a cheap store brand flat iron with a real warranty & return policy!


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