April 2, 2018

7 things I sold on ebay (instead of throwing them away)

I have sold stuff on Ebay for years. I used to spend time in thrift shops finding stuff to resell on ebay, but life got busy and now I really only put things on there that I would be throwing away instead. It's like free money..and it keeps stuff out of the landfill which is a win-win. Right?

Lady listing things on ebay on her computer instead of throwing them away

A few times a year I sit down and list a bunch of things on ebay that I have been saving up. It's all new stuff that I either won't use or don't have the patience to deal with anymore. lol I can usually make an extra hundred dollars or so that week by selling garbage on ebay!

Free things to sell on Ebay:

Here are the 7 different things I sell to make money on Ebay, instead of throwing them away.

Free samples: I save these whenever I get them from ordering online, inside magazines, Freeosks, samples attached to (or inside) other packages, redeeming coupons for free samples, stuff that comes in the mail, samples they hand you walking through the mall etc. Anything I won't use, I save and throw in a flat rate box. As soon as it's almost full, I take a picture and post it on eBay. 

You'll get a lot more money for the collection if you managed to save all one type of sample. Like if they're all detergents, all toiletries, or all men's products. I usually get at least $20 for a box full, though I have gotten much more on occasion!

GWP: Many high end cosmetic companies offer a Gift With Purchase. When you buy a makeup item they have a free makeup bag with 'deluxe sample size' products inside. Usually I don't like all the makeup colors and sell them since I won't use them. I've gotten as much as $20 for 2 lipsticks (that were free). The eye makeup removers sell really well too. I have more mascara then I'll ever use, so I sell them on eBay for extra money! 

makeup samples to sellon ebay

Toiletries from hotels: These get a pretty good price if they're branded products. Pantene, Bath & Body Works, Aveda and other higher quality toiletries fetch the highest price. Make sure you don't open the bottles, many of them have inner seals. I get about $20 plus shipping for a flat rate box full of all different brands. If you travel a lot these will add up fast!

Perfume tear strips from magazines: These are the paper perfume advertisements that come in Macy's and Ulta ads every holiday season. They have a flap or tear strip on them that when opened, smell like perfume. I usually get around $10 for 60-80 of them. That is about how many I collect during Xmas time from a few newspapers and the mail. 

If you get the paper every weekend year round, you'll collect them much quicker. If you happen to have the spray samples they sell for twice as much. 

Paper perfume tear strip samples to sell on ebay

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Coke codes: Coca-Cola products has a rewards club and in order to accumulate points you have to save codes from inside bottle caps and cases of Coke products. These can be redeemed for Coke product coupons or merchandise. If you don't mind typing out every code, you can forgo the shipping and just 'deliver' an email of codes to the winner of your auction. 

I used to have a coke account and redeemed my points for coupons for free cases of Coca cola, Shutterfly books and other fun stuff. With the kids all grown though, we don't collect nearly enough points to redeem them so I sell them instead. You'll get more for them if Coke happens to be running a promotion or contest at the time. Currently 20 case codes are going for $15.

BTFE: Box tops for education. These are the little stamp symbols on the outside of packages. Kids turn these in to their elementary school and their school gets money from the program depending on how many the kids turn in. I used to send these to school with my kids when they were little. None of my kids are in grade school any longer. I've ran out of little kids to give them to, so I put them on EBay. The last lot of 100 I listed for sale, sold for $10.  

BTFE to sell on ebay instead of throwing them away

Purina weight circles: Purina also has a loyalty club and in order to earn points you must cut the weight circles off of each package of Purina brand dog or cat food and redeem them. Like most loyalty clubs you need to be a member and have a massive amount to redeem them for a prize or discount of any value. 

I only buy Purina when I'm taking care of kittens so I don't save enough to redeem and I sell them instead. Depending on the size bag they came off of, 20 circles gets about $50.

Proof of purchase seals to sell on ebay

The last 3 items on this list are truly garbage. If you don't belong to those programs you would just be throwing them away. Most of the other items can be given away or donated if you have a place to take them. 

I don't even know where to take them up here in the woods so for me, they are useless...and what better way to get rid of something I can't use, then to to turn it into cash by selling it on Ebay?


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  1. So creative. It would never have occurred to me to sell any of this, mostly because I wouldn't think anyone would buy it. I guess it goes with that old saying, about your junk being someone else's treasures.

    1. Yes! I am always amazed at some of the stuff I sell selling on Ebay and Amazon.


  2. I would have never thought of selling things like this on Ebay. I'm always coming home with extra hotel toiletries. Most times I just give them out to our homeless community.

    1. That is a great idea! We used to take them all to the women's shelter when I lived by the city.


  3. Those are all interesting products to tell. I wouldn't have thought to sell box tops.

    1. I was told that parents buy them so their kids will win the classroom contests, but I really have no idea why they do!


  4. wow! that is truly an innovative and profitable use for those items that i too have thrown away! thank you for this great tip