January 20, 2017

Best makeup subscription box

I really feel that Sephora play! is going to be the subscription box of the year. I have ordered many makeup subscriptions over the years and the boxes I have gotten from Sephora Play! have been my favorite so far. Once you see what was in my box for January 2017, I think you'll agree it's a nice selection. 

First of all, you get 6 things per month not 5 like Ipsy. Well, you get 5 plus a perfume sample. I also love the little drawstring bags they send in the Sephora box. I have liked many of the Ipsy bags over the years, but you really can only use so many of those and I literally have 2 dozen that I'm not using (and another half dozen that I sent to the thrift store because they just weren't cute) These drawstring bags are more versatile and I've just adored every one that I've seen so far!

Sephora Play 2017

Sephora Play! quality

Here is what was in my subscription box this month:

Ouai, Hair treatment mask
Clinique, Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
Drunk Elephant, Lala Retro whipped face cream
Tarte, Frixxxtion Stick facial cleanser
It Cosmetics, Nice to CC you
Tory Burch, Love Relentlessly mini perfume spray
Cute drawstring bag with mesh back.

One of the first things I noticed when opening a Play! box is the quality of the samples. While they are ALL sample sized, they are also ALL high end! Department store brands, if you will. Nothing that can be bought in a big box store or needs special ordered from some obscure website. Obviously the Play! box is full of products that can be bought right inside Sephora's closest store. Super convenient.

One of the main reasons I really think this is going to be the subscription that blows Ipsy away, is because of the little pamphlet that comes in it. Inside this little pamphlet is a description of every item in the box. Each description tells you what the item is, why they chose it and how to use it. They even add little  pro tips on getting the most from the product. But wait...there's more! On the outside is a card that can be takes to a Sephora store at any time during the month and redeemed for 50 extra beauty insider points when you purchase any full size item.

I've only ever seen this much detail with the more expensive boxes. Dermstore and Fab Fit Fun both had this type of pamphlet. Unfortunately they are both about 4 times the price and Fab fit fun was a complete waste of money, but I digress.

I also like how they seem to be themed bags. From the gym saying on the little mesh shower bag, to the no spill face wash stick and the sheer lipstick...everything just screams "It's January, everyone's in the gym. These will fit into your routine perfectly you this month!" I really like that they are anticipating our needs.

So after about 3 years with Ipsy I am probably going to let my subscription lapse this year but I will be continuing with Sephora Play! At $10 a month they are the exact same price and I just feel like Sephora creates a better box that's more user friendly. You can order Sephora play! through their website. I think you should give it a try.

UPDATE 2020: After 3 amazing years, Sephora suddenly canceled the Play! Box. They have replaced it with the Hello box. This box is very similar, except now you can see up front what will be in the box and it is not a subscription.


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  1. It's great to see a review on this, I've been sent a few emails on this but, I too have tried so many already. #ProductReviewParty

  2. Wait a minute....there is a Sephora box!!!!! What rock have I been sleeping under????

    You got some great goodies!!!!! Thanks for the review. #ProductReviewParty

  3. Oh wow, I had no idea that they had a subscription box. I have to check it out for sure.

  4. WHOA. Great price for a decent makeup subscription box! I had Ipsy for a long time, but eventually quit and was thinking about going back til I read this. Now I am going to check out the Sephora box. It does sound better!
    Thank you for sharing your review at the #HomeMattersParty last week. We hope you will join us at this week's party opening Friday!

    1. If you liked Ipsy then you should definitely try Sephora Play. I think you'll love it!