Cat Tunnel Toy: Review!

It's Trixies second birthday! She's so terribly spoiled rotten and has been helping me review products for about a year now. In honor of her birthday, she got to review a 3 tunnel cat toy this month!

I'm sort of torn as to how to rate this product and I will tell you why: my cat is a (now) 2 year old Bengal. She absolutely loves this tunnel! It's large enough for her to run through easily. She loves that she can 'pop up' in the middle of the tunnels! She seems to especially enjoy the crinkle fabric in the center. As a Bengal however, she is a lot rougher then a normal house cat and has put a hole in the fabric in 1 of the tunnels already. It's only a small slit and it hasn't continued to run or tear. She's had it about 2 weeks and plays in it every day!

As the pictures show it is 3 fabric tunnels connected by a center piece which has a hole in the top and is made of a very crinkly sounding fabric. It's bright blue, soft and flexible and has lots of ties on it to store it in a small space when you want it out of the way. There are no rigid pieces in the center so the 3 tubes move around a bit, but she loves rolling around in them.

You can order it here on Amazon.

I hope you cat enjoys it as much as Trixie does!


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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