November 4, 2015

Nubee Infrared Thermometer: Review

I was pretty excited to try this next item out. It's an infrared thermometer by Nubee. If you follow my farming blogs you know I used a different one of these a whole lot in the past and found it really useful around the homestead. The one I had was much more expensive so I was curious if this lower priced model would be as accurate. I'm thrilled to say: it is!

Nubee temperature gun review

This Nubee product sells for about $15 and comes with a 9v battery. It has been working over a month (through my extensive testing) without going dead yet so very good battery life.
 I use it on the Fahrenheit setting but it also has a Celsius setting. It gives a quick and accurate reading. Turns off when set down. Lightweight. Easy to use. Durable.

I have also been using it to test storage temperatures of foods and cooking temperatures of soaps and have had great results. Plus the cat likes to chase the red light! (go ahead laugh...I do! See the things I find out when thoroughly testing a product? lol) You can purchase this product on Amazon.

This definitely comes in handy when accurate temperature readings are important and at this price, it's affordable enough to buy just to keep on hand for when you need it! 


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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