June 5, 2015

Purina One 28 day Challenge

I have a Shiba Inu named bear and he's definitely getting up in the years. He's 14 and acts every bit of his age! I decided to accept the Purina One 28 day challenge to see if the change in his food (nutrition) made any change in him. He's been on the same food for about 8 years now and his health has been slowly declining. I assumed it was age, but figured I'd give a new food a try and see what happens.

A small box arrived from Smiley 360. It included a sample of Purina One dog food, a coupon for a free 8lb bag of food and an information booklet and card explaining the changes I might see in my dog once I switched his food. 

I used the sample packets over the course of 3 days mixing it into his food a little more each day. I didn't want him to get sick from the sudden transition! This is a really good idea any time you transition your dog to a new food. He really liked the Purina One and started picking it out of his bowl right away! Silly pup!

I noticed an increase in his energy within a few days. Within a few weeks I noticed his coat was less waxy and shed much easier than previous years. He interacts with our family and other dogs more then before I switched his food. He plays a whole lot more than he had been and generally seems healthier. I will definitely keep feeding him Purina One and I am so glad that we took this challenge together!

Thanks to Purina and Smiley 360 for providing us with this product. Though they did give me the product in exchange for a review, the opinions listed are the honest opinions of myself and Mr Bear!


            This post was sponsored by Purina and Smiley 360.                           

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