May 5, 2015

Carefree review for Influenster

My latest product from Influenster came in the most adorable pink box....and emblazoned on 2 sides and the top is the word Carefree. *cringe* I wonder what the mailman thinks? Truth is that Carefree is a product that I have used for many years and I'm not quite certain why they asked me to review it because it seems to be the same reliable, effective product it always has been.

Inside the box was a pack of Carefree acti-fresh, body shape liners, regular, to go. So basically they are pantyliner's that are individually folded into cute little plastic pouches so you can throw them in your purse and pocket and take them anywhere you need to be.

Body shaped means sort of hourglass shaped. Regular is the absorbency. Honestly....I can't figure out what's different. What has changed? What has prompted this sudden campaign? To me these are the same reliable liners I've used since I was a teen. Same reliable product I've bought for my daughter countless times. The only difference I can see is the cute little "Fresh is Fierce" campaign they have going!

I have used the product and see no changes in how useful they are or how effective they are. So I will just say Thank You to Influenster and Carefree for sending me this product to try and write about. I will continue to buy this product any time I need a product like this....which shouldn't be much longer cause hey, I'm old! lol 

But seriously when it comes to a product like this, you stick to what you know works! Why chance an embarrassing mess when I know these will do the job perfectly?


This post was sponsored by Influenster. 

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