May 14, 2017

Litter Genie cat litter system

                              This post is sponsored by Brand Backer and Litter Genie
 I'm sure you know I have a cat because I've talked about her here with different products. What you don't know is how much I hate litter smells. I don't want to have a kind of house that people walk in and go "oh you must have cats". Embarrassing! So cat litter odors are something I obviously have to deal with daily. 

I also live in the woods, so it's quite a hike down to my garbage can at the end of the drive every day to dispose of freshly soiled cat litter. Luckily, we found a solution recently.

Litter Genie helped me to tackle that problem this month when they sent us a Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System to try out. The first thing that struck me about this system is that it's very modern looking. I can put this anywhere in my house and it doesn't look like something that's got cat poop in it. It just looks like a modern style garbage can.

March 27, 2017

Why you should research your blog name thoroughly

I had to change my blog name. I didn't realize the importance of researching my blog name thoroughly before starting to use it and for that I am paying the price. Renaming a blog is more then just buying a domain. I have tons of pictures that now need remade because they have the old name on it. I have endless pins that even though they will be redirected, will now be confusing to the reader. I have tons of rebranding work to redo and it's all because I didn't research my blog name first! Ugh!

why research blog name

Let me tell you the story. I've been blogging for a total of 9 years now. I have 2 pretty busy blogs but ended up starting this one for my reviews and musings that didn't fit in on my other blogs. I've switched names and topics on here but eventually settled on the name Just Lisann because it was just my thoughts. As a bit of background my real name is Lisa Ann, but my brother nicknamed me Lisann when I was younger. He heard it on a daytime soap opera...Days Of Our Lives maybe? Anyway, I've been called Lisann for over 30 years. I've used Just Lisann as my blog name since 2012 but it was under the .blogspot domain.

March 12, 2017

The Shark Tank skin cream scam

By now you've seen the advertisements (mostly on Facebook). You hit the ad and a video pops up showing the so called 'inventors' of this miracle product on a TV show applying the cream and the models wrinkles literally vanish in front of your eyes. How can you not want this product? With phrases like "as seen on Shark Tank" and celebrity endorsements it seems like legit product.

These anti aging creams makes great claims that it reduces bags and wrinkles and makes you look much younger. You literally watch it happen! They offer a "free trial, pay only shipping". Once you order the cream for under $5 it takes you to a page with the eye serum offered for about the same shipping price. At no point does it say anything about paying full price after your 'trial' is up or an automatic shipment plan. 

Unfortunately, that's exactly what you are agreeing to. Not only that but they charge your credit card an additional $1.49 service charge then refuse to remove it! To make matters NEVER was on Shark Tank. Or the Today show. It's not endorsed by celebrities, in fact...this skin cream is not endorsed by anyone!

shark tank | face cream

My experiences began as so many others have, with a Facebook ad for a product called Coal Cosmetics (there are over a dozen different names they use though, so keep reading for proof!). I cannot stress enough that no where in any part of the advertisements did it say I would eventually be charged full price! I read very carefully thinking there might be a catch but found nothing. I went ahead and ordered the product. 

My credit card was charged with the 3 charges, 1 for each product and then that random other charge. The weird thing is, the 3 charges came with 3 different company names and phone numbers attached (see image). While this was odd, I really wasn't worried too much about that third charge as it wasn't even $2.

February 11, 2017

Loreal Color Vibrancy Intensive : Review

A little over a month ago I got a package in the mail from Loreal and Influenster. It contained 3 full size products from the Color Vibrancy Intensive line: shampoo, conditioner & post-color repair mask. This is perfect for me because my hair is lightened every 2 months at a salon and as such has quite a bit of damage. Some shampoos make it feel dry and brittle, and I've spent a lot of money over the years on salon brands to minimize the damage. I was looking forward to trying this since I had heard great things about it, and the cost was considerably less then what I had been shelling out.
Loreal, review 
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