August 13, 2019

Solar flame torch led dock lights

I spend a lot of time on a little lake in Michigan called Lake Orion. This year one of the neighbors had new lights on his boathouse. They were solar powered and looked like flickering flames. Probably the coolest thing I've seen in awhile so I needed to find out what they were and where I could get some! They are solar powered LED lights called Flame Torches, and they are awesome!

Solar torch lights

I bought a pack of 6 of these torches from Amazon and we put them down beside the dock. I am really impressed with the quality and the realistic flame effect they have which is why I decided to write this review. I am not being compensated for this review nor were these sent to me, in fact I paid almost $100 for them! There are cheaper ones available though!) 

I decided to write this review because these torch lights far exceeded my if you've seen these online and you're wondering "are they really going to look that good in person?" here's your answer. YES!

Flame torch light review

The torches I ordered are available here on Amazon, along with about 1,000 other listings of practically the same thing in every price range! The ones I bought stick in the ground like shorter tiki torches, but they also sell sconces (like my neighbor has) and table top lanterns. As we cruise around the lake, more and more of our neighbors have gotten them so I'm sure I'm looking at various brands, yet they all look amazing! The brand I ordered is OxyLED. 

The torches came in 4 pieces total. The light itself was all one piece and there were 3 pieces of ground stake. You could use them all, 2 of them or just the bottom spike. We chose to use all of them for a taller lantern. The full height is about 30". The black plastic casing is waterproof and the solar panel is right on top. They require 5-8 hours of sun to charge and will stay lit for 8-10 hours.

Solar powered dock lights that look like fire.

Fire like LEDs

I don't know exactly how to describe them in my own words except 'fire like' so I'm going to put the description the company gives: VIVID FLICKERING FLAME: Formed by 96 LED lamp beads, the light flickers like an extremely vivid dancing flame, provides a perfect campfire ambiance.

The lights turn themselves on around dusk every night and off at the crack of dawn. They seem to get a full charge even on overcast days, even though they are sort of under the trees. They are cool to the touch, which they obviously would be since they are LED but their appearance just implies heat! lol 

They are solar so there are no wires to run meaning you can basically put them anywhere there's dirt to stick them in! Well, technically I guess you could wire them to fences and such if you wanted, so maybe dirt is not a necessity.

Here's a quick video so you can check it out for yourself, I'm sure you will agree they are freakin awesome!

I haven't written a review in like, forever so I kinda forget what to  put here! lol I just really wanted to share these with you and hopefully people will find this review if they are considering buying this product. You can order it on Amazon like we did, but you'll probably find there are so many options's hard to pick one!

I am very happy with this purchase and I think you will be too!


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