January 14, 2016

Lion Mane Cat Hat: Review

Lion Mane Cat Hat Review

Isn't this is the darn cutest thing ever?
 I have a Bengal cat and she just loves wearing this little lion mane cat hat from Prymal Comfort. Of course Trixie is used to me dressing her up, so she tolerates it well.....I think she likes it even!

Trixie looks absolutely adorable in this hat. It's easy to get on. It has a large Velcro chin strap and it's adjustable. Just slip it right on and press the Velcro together. It does take a second to get her ears positioned right inside the hat, since there are no ear holes though. I absolutely think this is the cutest thing she owns!

We call it her Trump hat! LOL That is not a political statement...it's funny! It's even funnier because the same company sells a cat Trump hair hat!

If your cat is not used to dressing up then practice, practice, practice! She'll get better the more she tries it. I have hats, coats, sweaters and several costumes for my cat and she wears them all. I can't say she likes them, but she tolerates it just fine. (as you can see from my Instagram pictures) She was even playing while wearing it, running through her new tunnel toy!

You can order the hat on Amazon.
I think you're cat will look adorable too!


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