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I'm going to write out a quick review for the Wen haircare products by Chaz Dean. I've been using them for over a year now and since hubby just bought me a new supply...I thought I'd give my opinion of it. I NEED to mention that these items were a gift from my husband and I was not paid for this review. However, I will link to the products on Amazon and if you chose to buy it through those links Amazon will give me a small amount for sending you to them. (this will not alter your price) I would not even be writing this is I didn't love the products so I wholeheartedly endorse them.

That being said, I  must confess: I do not know what color my hair is. There, I've admitted it! I was born blonde, but my roots grow in dark now. It's been so long since I've let it grow in more then an inch or so that I'm not really sure what color it would be. Which means I bleach it. A LOT! My hair is dry and damaged from all this processing and I was constantly using deep conditioners and treatments. I was spending an arm and a leg and I literally had a shelf full of products that I used every month! I had at least a dozen products I rotated depending on how bad my hair was that day. I washed my hair every day just so I could apply a conditioning treatment, plus I had tons of leave in conditioning products! I also had quit blow drying and curling my hair a few years back unless it was a special occasion. I just didn't want to damage it anymore with the heat processes. Well, hubby got sick of hearing me complain about how bad my hair was and late one night after an infomercial for Wen popped on tv, he ordered it. 

wen product review

I was thrilled to try the Wen line. My first shipment was from Amazon, it was 2 big bottles of the cleansing conditioner, each a different scent. I loved it! It really made my dry hair feel softer. I switched to washing every other day which was much easier. I really liked the Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner. I packed up a whole box of all those conditioning treatments! I no longer had to constantly apply treatments to my hair ends. I could curl it without it looking ridiculously dry! It was perfect. My hair looks great!

Just a few points on using Wen:
  • It seems silly to do a wash-repeat since it's one product but if I skip the repeat part, my hair is harder to comb and feels drier after.
  • You don't need the 12-15 pumps of product they tell you to use! Have you seen the picture of that in the commercial? That's an entire heaping handful of product! I can't imagine slathering that much on my hair. I use 2 pumps for the first application and 3 for the 'repeat' part. I have long hair and that's plenty.
  •  If you don't use as much as they tell you to, you wont need as much as they want to send you with the auto renewal. (Be careful to cancel after you get your shipment if you signed up for auto renewal and only want the 1 set) 
  • If you have color treated hair you might want to wash less often when you're roots are showing. Untreated hair is healthier and gets weighed down easily by a strong product like this.
  • A friend came to visit and used my Wen but her hair is not treated, damaged or dry and she found it left her hair too greasy. Definitely a product mainly for damaged hair.
  • All the scents I tried were great but they are not overpowering. Your hair won't smell like your conditioner all day! It rinses away cleanly.
This time hubby ordered from Wen directly to get the sample set and bonus products. I'm trying those products now and I really like them also. Since I had the most experience with the cleansing conditioner, I'm going to stick to reviewing only that product. I've seen travel sets on Amazon which would be a great way to try the product without committing to those huge bottles. I also like the Pomegranate scent of conditioning cream. There are a ton of scents available now, so look around and find one you like.

Here's what nobody tells you: There are 2 companies that make and sell Wen. The Guthy-Renker company and Wen @ Chaz Dean. It say's it right on the back of the bottle which company made the bottle you have. The problem is, they don't have the same ingredients lists so they are NOT the same products even though both companies claim it's the same. Your hair might be awesome with the one formulation but not with the other. Personally, the Guthy-Renker stuff worked better for me in 2 scents. The Lavender is better by Wen...but that's just MY hair. Both are sold on Amazon.

Let me know if you try Wen. I think you'll like it as much as I do!


This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small payment from Amazon. It will not affect your purchase price. Click for full disclosure.

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