The best cheap Google Pixel case

This item was purchased at a discount through Vipon.

I recently bought the Google Pixel phone and was immediately confronted with the fact that it needs a phone case. This phone is slick. Slick as in slippery. I was sure I was going to drop it at any second. Plus not only is the front glass, but I think the top half of the back is too. I was sure I was going to drop it and the glass was going to shatter. Unfortunately, the Google Pixel only came out last year and as with all new phones the only ones available in the stores were way too expensive. (like $35 expensive!) I ended up on Amazon where I found exactly what I was looking for. Well, actually I found 3 different cases and they were each under $10. Unfortunately they all didn't work out as I wanted them to, but let me tell you about the one that did.

Google pixel phone case

Of the 3 cases I purchased, the one I like the best is a flexible rubber case that also happens to be clear so I can see my awesome blue Pixel! This one beat out the others because not only was it easy to get on, but didn't slip off easily and it had raised buttons on the side. The right side of the Google Pixel has the on/off and volume control buttons. These are not big buttons. 2 of the cases had holes for the buttons, but that means you are pushing your finger through a space to activate a button that's not terribly big to begin with. This was the only case that actually covers the buttons and has raised pieces so it's easy to find and push these buttons.

best, cheap, google pixel, case

The description of this phone cover includes terms like:
  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology
  • Air Cushioned 4 corners
  • Dual-layered Bumper Drop Protection
I gotta admit, I don't know exactly what those mean! What I do know is that I have dropped the phone several times and it has been well protected in this cover. I have the blue Pixel so I wanted to be able to see the color, so I was looking for a clear case. If you don't want a clear case though, this one also comes in black and rose gold. The case came with a free stylus, but I haven't tried it because well...I just don't use them. I believe it to be an effective high quality phone case and at less then $9 it's definitely a great bargain!


This item (along with several other phone accessories) was bought at a discount but I am not required to write a review of any sort per Vipon. These are my opinions and I purposely left out the names of the covers I didn't like, because I'm not required to review any of them. I only write this as a means of informing people of what I actually do like and would purchase at full price.

(This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small payment from Amazon. It will not affect your purchase price. Click for full disclosure.)                                                                              


  1. This looks like a good, sturdy case. I've been liking rose gold a lot lately, and would go for that case if I had the Google Pixel phone.

    I read that the Google Pixel is a great phone with high quality images when people takes pictures.


  2. This looks like a great phone case. That's one of the things I hate about upgrading phones, though- you have to find a new phone case that will actually keep your phone protected.

    1. Exactly! Also new phones very rarely have cases that are affordable and sturdy I've been using it a few months now and it's holding up great!



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