Cubie Acrylic makeup organizer review

When I was asked to review a makeup organizer in exchange for a free one, I jumped at the chance because I needed this makeup makeup is outta control! I get a few different subscription boxes so I'm constantly trying new stuff and many of the containers are rather small. I had a decorative box I was using to hold the makeup I currently use, but it's a pain to constantly pull out the box and dig through it. I needed this for organization and I am so glad that I got it! 

Acrylic makeup organizer review

It has 3 drawers and lots of slots and spaces on top to organize stand-up style products like lotions and lipstick tubes. There is a large drawer and 2 small drawers. The top is removable and is separated into compartments. This makes it super easy to organize my different products by category. I can see what I have right away, so there is no digging through I just pluck out what I need. Because there are so many different compartments my smaller samples don't get lost under the bigger containers. I simply place the small ones in the top where I can easily see them!

The acrylic on this is sturdy. The drawers slide easily. The only thing that might be a negative to some is that the top is not in any way attached to the bottom. If you pick it up, the top piece may slide off when moving it. I don't move mine, so it's not a problem for me...I just wanted to mention it.

I ordered it here on Amazon.

I've seen other similar products but this one seems to have the most organization for the cost. I love this organizer box and will be buying my daughter one for Xmas for her makeup.


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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