Solar rechargeable LED lamp: Review

I was extremely excited to get to try this Portable solar LED desk lamp by Lighting Zzar this month! I have lots of friends that are homesteaders are they're often telling me the benefits of being off grid. While I'm not sure I want to commit to that just yet, I do live in the middle of the woods and we often have power outages, so rechargeable lighting comes in handy. This light can also double as a power bank which is even more awesome. Plus it's easy to use...

This is an awesome modern looking lamp that folds up easily for storage or hanging and has a simple touch spot to turn off and on. The light level is adjustable by tapping the little symbol on the base. It's easy to use, simply charge the solar panel for a full day and you're set! It will give you light for a minimum of 5 hours after that, and that's if you're using the brightest setting!

Some of my favorite features are:
Turns off an on with a simple touch to the base. 
Notches at each end to attach a lanyard or hook so you can hang it overhead. 
300 Lumen multiple led lights.
Works as a power bank. Can charge devices like cell phones using the outlet on the side. 
Super bright and lasts up to 13 hours!

It's also perfect to keep on hand for lighting hard to reach when hubby was working on the well pump last week, or when I'm trying to find something in the depths of the garage or attic.

You can order it on Amazon right here:


I'm really happy with this lamp and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solar powered light for home or camping, or just in case the SHTF!

I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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