Gurin dehumidifier review

This month I got to try a dehumidifier from Gurin. This is an awesome little one room dehumidifier. Works great in the bathroom if you don't have a fan (or I just didn't use mine for the sake of experimenting) I'm currently using this at our place by the lake which is always very humid. Closets especially seem to hold humidity (even in winter) and it's sometimes so damp you can feel it when you touch things. When I first started using it the reservoir filled up rather quickly. Since using it a few days it takes much longer to fill up and I can't feel the moisture in the air or on things anymore!
Gurin dehumidifier review

It was nice that it turned off automatically when full. It holds 16oz...that's a lot of water to pull out of thin air! A little light turns on to tell you it's done. It made very little noise when in use.   Using it has not made my electric bill rise, so I believe it doesn't use much energy even when running for several days.I'm really impressed at the value of this item. I paid 5X what this cost for the dehumidifier for the basement in our house and while it's much larger, it seems to work at the same rate and effectiveness!

You can get this dehumidifier here on Amazon:

I would definitely recommend this dehumidifier as an affordable and effective way to remove excess moisture from the air.


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine. 

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