Extra large ice cube trays: Review

I got a set of these silcone 'ice cube trays' by Bakerolla The idea was to make ice cubes except the homemaker in me quickly found out that each compartment holds almost a half cup of liquid! These are awesome for freezing extra eggs, broth and soup starters etc etc. I ended up coming up with lots of great uses, but lets talk about ice cubes first. GIANT ice cubes!

silicone ice cube tray set review

Each compartment holds almost 1/2 cup of water so that's a really big cube. They measured at 1.5" X 1.75". These are excellent for pitchers of ice tea, lemonade etc and also for punches at the holidays. They're big enough that you can freeze a whole strawberry or other fruits in them to make your punch look really cute and festive. They last a long time so you're not constantly adding more ice. The ice cubes come out of the trays easily since they're silicone, just twist and they pop right out. 

I took pictures of a few of these ice cubes next to an ice cube from an ice tray and 2 ice cubes from my freezers automatic ice cube maker. You can see the big difference!

I've also used these to freeze small portions of food, leftovers, extra eggs, soup starter and to make huge jello cubes! You can also freeze portions of baby food if you make your own. Since they hold 1/2 cup each they are big enough to freeze milk which I run out of all the time......and I'm 1/2 hour from a store so I can't just run out for it!

I should mention that I received the set of 2 ice cube trays in my pictures. As you can see they are not the same as the ad picture. Mine have 8 compartments each not 6 like the ad. I have no complaints with this because this is 8 huge ice cubes per tray. I just wanted to point it out as I try to be very thorough when leaving a review and want you to know what  you're getting if you chose to order them.

You can get a set of these ice cube trays right here on Amazon.

I am looking forward to using these for holiday parties. I always make a punch of some sort especially at New Years, so I know they'll come in handy!


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine. 

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