Infrared knee sleeve review

I got the chance to try a pair of infrared knee sleeves by Theravana. As I age my knees get a little weak sometimes when I'm running or using the elliptical machine and since I work out several times a week, I don't like to be slowed down by pain or weakness in my joints. I have to say that I am especially thrilled that these came in a 2 pack since my knees tend to alternate who is going to give me trouble each day! Ha!

Infrared compression sleeve review

These keep my legs from getting that 'going to give out' feeling. I wear them during my workout and for a few hours afterwards and my knees are a lot less sore. I like the way they feel. The compression isn't too tight, but it's tight enough to stay on and I can feel it helping. They don't pull, slide, tug, pinch or slip while wearing. 

From the companies listing:
  • NATURALLY PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION & OXYGEN FLOW - Infrared fabric designed for relief from arthritis and joint pain
  • INFRARED WARMTH FOR THE WINTER SEASON - Warm Your Up Knees or Someone Special This Winter: Click 'Add to Cart' Now!!
I think these are a nice looking design so if I have to wear these with shorts in the summer I won't feel like they look weird. At $29.95 a pair they are affordable enough to keep a spare set on hand if you work out a lot. You can order them on Amazon right here.

I would recommend these to my gym and marathon buddies. They definitely make long runs a lot easier on my knees!


I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions, experiences and images are all mine.

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