Smart Weigh digital scale: review

I recently received a digital scale from Smart Weigh to review. I am really enjoying using this scale, in fact...the whole family is! We love how the scale can tell the difference between all 4 of us and let us know if we've gained or lost without having to keep track in an app or on paper. It can actually hold 8 different user profiles, which is awesome if you have a big family. It instantly knows if it's me, my husband or either of the kids. My old scale was more difficult to had to tap it and wait for it to set to zero before getting on it. This scale is always ready....just step on and in seconds, your weight is displayed! First it displays your current weight in blue, then switches to a display of red or green with your user number and the amount you lost or gained. Red for gained and green for lost or stayed the same. We love the red and green lights display. I tested it holding different weights of dumbbells and found it to be completely accurate.

 Smart weigh digital scale review

We all really like using this scale, plus it is an attractive sleek design that looks great in the bathroom. (definitely not a scale you need to hide in the closet!) The display numbers are large and easy to read which is good since you're looking at them from a standing position. It comes with an instruction booklet that explains the different settings and the AA batteries it requires are in the box with it. It is very stable feeling when you're standing on it, it doesn't wobble or rock at all. Plus, I love the motivational green light!

You can purchase this scale right here on amazon.


This scale is a lovely addition to your bathroom decor and a super simple way to keep track of your weight loss progress! 


I received this item in exchange for my honest review. These opinions, experiences and photos are all my own. (this post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small amount from Amazon to thank me for sending you their way and help support this blog. It will not affect your purchase price)


  1. Digital scale comes handy when you are trying to loose weight and stay on track This is like some kind of motivation too!! glad that these are so accurate, because i have had some in past which use to fluctuate readings at times.

  2. Thanks for this review! My scale just seems to have went kaput recently so this is good info since I am in the market!

  3. I love the stylish scale. I really need to get this scale. I like how it changes colors giving the lost or gain weight. Thanks for sharing Smart Weigh:)

  4. That's awesome that it has different profiles and tells you if you have lost or gained. And it's super cute. I might just need this for my bathroom. Thanks for the review!


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