Selfie stick review

Selfie sticks have been all the rage the last few months so when I was offered the chance to try one, I was pretty excited! I was sent a wired selfie stick from Power Theory. It's only 7 inches long when it comes out of the box, but extends to 28 inches to snap selfies from a full 2 feet away. It was super easy to use and didn't require any special software or batteries.

power theory wired selfie stick review

This is not my first experience with a selfie stick. I had bought my daughter a different selfie stick a few months back and she had to use a certain app, wave her hand a certain was a pain. If you didn't have that app then you have to set the timer for every picture. That's a real pain! This selfie stick was so much easier. I just pulled it out of the box, clamped my phone in & plugged it into the headphone jack. Then I just turned on my phones camera and used the button on the stick to take a picture! Easy peasy! 

I love how the phone clamp folds up onto the stick itself for storage. It was great to take on vacation. It folds up easily and it very light. Selfies taken with this selfie stick can get much more in the background...even my dog posed for a vacation picture! (She even smiled!) I also like the fact that I don't have to mess with bluetooth every time I want to take a picture. Plus there are no batteries to mess with. It's an all around easy to use product, and the clamp gives a tight grip on the phone so I didn't worry about my new phone falling out!

Unfortunately this product is no longer available. Guess selfie sticks aren't really the thing now, BUT I did find an awesome selfie stick with tripod that I absolutely love! You can order that product here through Amazon.

Now, to get back to that daughter.....I had mentioned that I bought her a different selfie stick months back. She doesn't use it much anymore. Well, she came to visit (she's 20) and I showed her my selfie stick from power Theory. She spent the whole weekend using it! She figured out how to Snapchat with it, make Instagram videos, Facetime, Vine....she had a ball! 

She has an Iphone and I have a Galaxy S5 and it worked perfectly with both phones. It took a little playing on the different apps to figure them out, but it did work with all of them (and there were no batteries to run out!) She's asking for one, guess what she's getting for Christmas?


I received this item through a third party in exchange for my honest review.
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