Run Baby running belt review

I had the opportunity to try a new running belt by Run Baby this past week. I found this running belt to be very comfortable and convenient. It has a large soft pouch on the front for holding items and wide adjustable elastic strap around the back. In the summer I run in the evenings on the back country roads by my house. This belt is bright and reflective so if a car comes by they can definitely see me! 

Rub Baby: running belt review

The soft pouch is flexible and comfortable yet still secure for my phone or music device. I have a Galaxy S5 and it fits perfectly in the pocket with the phone cover still on. (love that I don't have to remove it for it to fit, like I did with my old belt!) The phone doesn't slip out and the pouch staying open on the ends means my headphone cord isn't constantly getting caught by zipper teeth. 

I have worn the belt for more then just running though! It's also a comfortable gym belt and the key loop is convenient for my locker key. It fits well and doesn't move around a lot when working out or running. I've worn it while doing farm chores and yard work. The belt stayed put and my phone never fell out once! I'll definitely be using this for more then just running! 

running belt review

This belt is available Right Here on Amazon. You won't need to worry about orering a specific size since it's completely adjustable. It fit my tiny daughter and it fit me too....with just a little adjustment. I was sent this product through a third party in exchange for my honest opinion. Pictures are of my daughter when she borrowed the belt to go running and opinions are all my own! Thanks Run Baby...we both love this belt!

Once again I received this item through a third party in exchange for my honest review.
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  1. What a great idea! I do a lot of walking and this would be a great place to take along the things I need.

  2. This looks extremely comfortable. I have not ran in years but looking to get back into it soon. Ran cross country and just made me feel so much better. One thing that I have to have when running is my music so this would be perfect. Great review!!


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