Youth express Eye gel review update!

I just wanted to publish an update on my Youth Express eye serum review. I got so many great messages about it on my other blog Feathers In The Woods when it was originally posted. I also got comments on IG and direct messages on Twitter. 

Now, the way this works is I use a product that is provided through a third party, in return for my honest review. I give the product a fair trial. In this case a few weeks, then I write the review. Sounds simple, right? Well in this case I continued to use the product and my results sort of changed.
youth express review

I noticed the more I used the product, the more my skin peeled. It wasn't a painful or heavy peel! It was just a thin, dry layer of skin that slowly flaked off. I'd just look in the mirror and see 'now my upper lip is peeling' or 'now it's my forehead peeling'. It wasn't troublesome, but the skin underneath was much smoother and more supple then before! Bonus!

I've started looking into the rest of the line. Since this product sells for just $19.99 on Amazon I figured the rest of the line should be similarly priced......and it is! I just wanted to give you an update, dear reader because I have never seen a $20 product do so much to reverse the aging in my skin!


Once again, this item was sent to me by a third party in exchange for my honest review.

This post contains affiliate links. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small payment from Amazon. It will not affect your purchase price. Click for full disclosure.

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