Get Lean Kit by Lean180 Review

I recently received the 7 day challenge of the Get Lean kit by Lean180 to review. This is a 3 part kit consisting of a protein shake, fat burner capsules and cleanse capsules. I got this kit in exchange for my review and I spent a week following the plan. I have to say I was super excited for the chance to try this. You see, I had gotten my VivoSmart for Christmas and had been using it to track my activity level. As I worked harder and harder to add activity to my day I was also watching the scale trying to lose that 12lbs that snuck on after I was in the hospital for a week back in October. As you all know I live on a farm, but it is dead winter here and with the mountains of snow we're suffering through outdoor activity is sorely limited. The gym is 45 minutes away and really, I don't have an extra 2 1/2 hours a day to go. Sadly I had only lost 2 lbs since Christmas! Needless to say it has been a challenge and I had started eyeballing all those diet pill ads in the magazines. When this opportunity came to me, I jumped at the chance.

The plan was pretty easy to follow compared to some of the others I've tried and I've used so many diet products over the years! I've tried the ones that worked, the ones that didn't and even ones that made me sick. With all that past experience, I feel I have a pretty good grip on what's good for my body and what's not. I did some research on the products and checked out their complete ingredients lists first (I found them by each product on their website: Lean 180) When the package arrived I was super excited to try it! I waited till the next day and began my 1 week trial of the Get Lean kit.

In the morning I started with 2 of the burn capsules and a huge glass of water. About an hour later I made a shake with the 180 muscle mix and skim milk. I had chosen the chocolate flavor and used my new Blender Bottle to mix it up. I really like the flavor of this shake! It's not chalky or gritty and doesn't have any after taste. It kept me from being hungry till about lunch time. Around 2pm I took 1 burn capsule with a glass of water. Before bed I took 1 cleanse capsule with another glass of water. That was it!

Now, I should mention that a 7 day menu plan also came with the kit. I ran it through a calorie calculator and it was around 900 calories a day. With an eating plan like that you are guaranteed to lose weight! However, I can't stick to a diet plan like that. My regular eating habits are tracked daily through the app that came with my VivoSmart and I usually consume between 1200-1300 calories a day. I stuck to my normal eating plan as I wanted to see the effectiveness of the products without altering my diet drastically. (if you want to see the 5-10 lb loss they talk about in the 7 day challenge, you'll want to stick to the diet but nutritionists do NOT recommend eating that few calories daily!)

Despite not following their eating plan, I still lost 3 pounds in 1 week! My clothes fit a bit looser and I felt great all week. I liked the shake, it filled me up and tasted great. (I also mixed it with a little peanut butter one day and it was awesome!) The burn capsules gave me energy without feeling jittery. I also noticed I just wasn't as hungry as usual. The cleanse seemed to um 'work' but it didn't keep me in the bathroom for hours like some products I've tried. (TMI sorry!) All in all this is a product I am happy to recommend. I'll be ordering the strawberry shake soon, I hear it tastes like strawberry candy! 

You can order the lean 180 kit through Amazon. You can also order the Muscle mix shake, burn and cleanse separately if you're not quite ready to try the whole plan.


Once again, this item was sent to me by a third party in exchange for my honest review. 

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