Like it or Lump it? All about eyes!

For this addition of Like it or Lump it? I'd like to talk about eye products. A mascara I love and an eye lash curler that was making my eyes bald! You read that right....a eye lash removing curler!

Like it or lump it? Beauty product reviews
Like it: Benefit, They're real! Beyond mascara.
Why: This one came in my Ipsy bag last month and I absolutely love it! It wears great without flaking or disappearing (I hate when my mascara is just 'gone' halfway through the day) It's also easy to remove. It comes off easily with regular face wash, no special eye makeup remover products needed!
Lump it: ELF Mechanical Eyelash curler
Why: Admittedly this was a cheaper eye lash curler, but I figured an eye lash curler was a pretty hard thing to mess up. I was wrong! The cushion of the curler has a split running down it, from one end to the other. When you close it on your eye lashes it shoves the eyelash down into the cushion. When you release the handle and the clamp opens up, your eyelashes pull out and stay behind. Ouch! Luckily I have replacement cushions from my 5 year old Revlon eyelash curler that recently broke....I trimmed one to fit and it now works great! If you do have one, you can save it by getting new pads for the clamp.


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