Nicole by OPI review

I want to talk about a nail polish product that I've recently started using. It's by one of my favorite brands OPI but it's not their traditional nail lacquer. It's their newer line called Nicole. I wish I could recall where I got my first Nicole by OPI nail polish. I want to say it was in an Ipsy bag, but I'm just not sure. I do know that I see them on sale at WalMart often and I've picked up a few there. I wanted to review the product for you because it seem odd to me that a popular product like OPI would launch a whole new line instead of just different collections like they usually do. We all know the orginal OPI line is fabulous, so what makes the Nicole line different? Is the formula different? Does it last as long? I wondered these things, so I compared them for you!

nicole nail polish review

The Nicole and the original OPI lines seem very similar to me. Nicole lacquer sells for around $3 less per bottle. The color collections are vastly different, so I don't want to focus on that. After all you wont buy a color you hate just because you like the brand....right? So while the color selections seem quite different, I found many colors in each line that I liked. They seemed to apply about the same. The Nicole might have been slightly thinner, but not by much. Definitely needed 2 coats, with the original sometimes you can get by with just 1 coat. The original lasted a day longer before chipping. I like the shorter brush the Nicole lacquer has. The original has a traditional fuller brush. I just can't complain about the Nicole line, but I do see where the original is better.

So, that being said I think both are excellent products. Nicole is a great line and I will still buy it even though I see where the original is better. It's also much easier to find the Nicole polish, and sometimes that's half the battle!


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