How my iPad defeated your delete button

  You know how they say that anything you put on the internet is there forever? Well, I have one more bit of proof that this is true! It all started like this: Darling daughter is your typical teenager, she posts on Facebook a LOT. I know she's not the only one (especially in her age group) but sometimes she posts things she shouldn't. Especially when she's mad. This has led to more then a few conversations about what she should and should not post. For instance: just because you don't use someones name doesn't mean they wont know it's about them...and a dozen other people will think it's them too...but that's a post for another day. *sigh* 

She is getting a bit better although she still has times when she posts something and then goes "oh crap, I shouldn't have done that" and deletes it. I've caught her a few times....without even trying.

finding deleted comments

What you're looking at here is a typical screen shot from my iPad. As you can see, whenever certain activity happens on social media I get a feed on my lock screen. However what I didn't realize at first is that it's sort of a one way feed. New stuff gets sent in, but if something is removed it doesn't get taken off. Interesting, right? I started to notice it a few weeks ago but always thought it was a broken link. Then the day came when she posted something she shouldn't have and I called her on it. Her response "How did you see that? I deleted it right away" *lightbulb*

In the past there have been a few snarky comments people made on posts I was following on FB that showed up in the feed and when I tried to find them I couldn't. I just always kinda blew it off thinking it was there somewhere and I just missed it. Nope, they deleted it! Now we know! ....and now they should know that you just can't delete things and think that they go away. Best part is, I'm not even trying to bust them and I do. Ha-ha-HA!

Ok, kidding aside this is an important piece of information. Especially for the post-then-delete set. To go back to my opening statement, if you post something on the internet it really is there forever. Even if you delete it 5 seconds later. Sometimes your delete button gets defeated by an update feed or maybe even something else. I don't know, there's a lot of social media crap out there that I don't use, it could be anything. It's really a case of think before we post.....but that would take all the fun out of catching them, now wouldn't it?


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