Like it or Lump it?

I've noticed that when I buy a new product it usually takes a little while to decide if I really like it. Sometimes I find out right away, other times it can be a month or more. So I wanted to start an informal series Called Like it or Lump it? where I disclose which products live up to their hype (or exceed it) and which products disappoint. I'm not going to try to do this in any particular time frame....but when the items present themselves, I will post in this series again!

Origins review
For this edition of Like it or Lump it? I chose my new favorite cheek stain and a make up brush I've had a few months. 

Like it: Origins Pinch Your Cheeks
Why: An amazing cheek stain that doesn't fade for hours. Lasts all day and you only need a dab on each cheek. Make sure you work fast though...this stuff is so potent if you try to dab it on and come back to blend, you'll already have a stained spot! 

Lump it: Bare Escentuals Flawless face brush from my Bare Minerals set.
Why: I actually really liked this until it fells apart the very first time I washed it. Makeup brushes should be washed frequently and a face brush should last several years. Maybe they need to use a waterproof glue?


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